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Dr. Martha Chun Offers Children’s Braces in Newburgh


The earlier your child begins orthodontic intervention, the better the chances are for a straighter and healthier smile. Martha A. Chun, DMD, MSD, offers custom orthodontic treatment for children in Newburgh. Starting at age seven, our practice examines children for structural and skeletal issues and addresses them with braces and appliances. Parents can expect their child will be given personal attention with a patient approach, ensuring a comfortable orthodontic experience. Dr. Chun is passionate about orthodontic care and helping your child develop straight teeth and an even bite. 

Contact us today for a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Chun. With flexible hours and a gentle approach, every child receives excellent treatment. 

What does Interceptive Care Involve?

Orthodontic exams are recommended at age seven due to issues in jaw and tooth alignment that can develop at this time. These problems are best corrected at an early age. Common alignment and skeletal issues that need to be addressed early on include: 

Teeth Crowding
Narrow Upper Jaws
• Open Bite

After your child’s examination, care is tailored to address their unique needs. Even though they may still have baby teeth, an intervention will guide their adult teeth into proper alignment. In some cases, interceptive care provides enough treatment that the second round of braces is not required. If full orthodontic treatment is necessary, interceptive care makes teeth alignment much more efficient. 
Many children need orthodontic treatment to address skeletal and dental problems before their adult teeth ever grow in.

Interceptive orthodontics correct these issues using appliances and braces treatments over time, preemptively treating issues before the child's skeletal structure reaches maturity. Dr. Chun begins treatment using expanders, then moves on to braces or a Herbst appliance when the child's smile has been corrected. 


Interceptive Appliances in Newburgh

At our Newburgh orthodontic practice, treatment plans are made on an individual basis, ensuring your child receives a unique approach. We utilize the latest orthodontic appliances to correct malocclusion and reduce the impact made by lingering habits. Thumb sucking and prolonged pacifier use both impact teeth and jaw development but are easily addressed with a thumb guard or another habit appliance. Skeletal issues are addressed with modern Herbst appliances and palatal expanders. Space maintainers preserve existing space to allow adult teeth to properly erupt. For molar and jaw alignment, headgear or a facemask may be necessary. 

After phase one interceptive treatment is complete, we evaluate your child's smile to determine the next steps of orthodontic treatment for their permanent teeth. 

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Our practice provides interceptive care for children in Newburgh, Wallkill, Montgomery, Cornwall, Marlboro, Washingtonville, New Paltz, New Windsor, and surrounding Orange County. We make sure children grow up to have full and beautiful smiles that inspire self-confidence. To schedule an appointment with your child, call us today!



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