Before and After

Incredible results and inspiring journeys; see some of our patients’ before and after photos the next time you visit our practice.

This patient came to the office with the concerns of a small bottom jaw and resuting top teeth that protrude as well as a narrow top jaw. She started with phase 1 interceptive orthodontic treatment with a Herbst jaw appliance to advance her bottom jaw as well as expand her top jaw. Once her permanent teeth have erupted, she chose Invisalign teen as her orthodontic modality and loved the fact that she did not have to have braces on her teeth. She has a beautiful and confident smile.

This patient came to the office as a young boy with the complaint of a very deep overbite with the bottom teeth hitting the palate and causing discomfort. He began his phase 1 interceptive orthodontic treatment to reduce the overbite and improve his bite. Once his permament teeth erupted, he chose metal braces for his orthodontic appliance. He has a fantastic smile and happy to hear that he is considering dentistry for his future. 

Phase 1 Treatment 

This patient came to the office as a young girl with the concerns of a narrow top jaw and an anterior open bite where the top and bottom teeth do not meet when the back molars are biting. She started her phase 1 orthodontic treatment to widen her top jaw with a palatal expander and headgear to change her bite so that the front teeth meet when she bites. These types of skeletal corrections must be done prior to puberty while the child still has many baby teeth. Once her permanent teeth came in, she chose metal braces as her orthodontic appliance to perfect and align her teeth. Her hard work through the years shows in her gorgeous smile.

This patient started out with phase 1 interceptive orthodontic treatment for her anterior open bite .Although she had a mix of baby and permanent teeth. It was very important to address her skeletal discrepancies prior to her pubertal onset. Once her permanent teeth erupted, she began phase 2 treatment and she chose metal braces for her orthodontic journey. She is enjoying high school, braces-free, with her gorgeous smile!

Adult Treatment

This adult patient chose ceramic tooth colored braces for her orthodontic journey. She had a lower front tooth pulled to resolve the crowding. She has a radiant and confident smile and loves to show it off.



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