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Your orthodontic care should be effective and personalized to you. Dr. Martha Chun provides braces and Invisalign Clear Braces to teenagers and adults in Newburgh and applies a unique approach to every patient she treats. It is our mission to address alignment issues to achieve a stable bite and uniform teeth. We make use of premium materials and the latest in orthodontic techniques to enhance your treatment.

Call us for a free consultation to see how we can help your smile. Our braces are designed to address age-specific needs, helping those nearing adulthood and beyond obtain a smile to be proud of. 

Full Orthodontics and Invisalign Clear Aligners

Teenagers and adults may need braces for a variety of reasons. If a young patient has teeth out of place or issues with their bite, even if baby teeth are still present, then braces are the best way to fix these problems before they cause oral health complications. Adults experiencing alignment relapse or those who never received braces are still eligible for treatment. Dr. Chun is focused on each patient and provides the best treatment to achieve lasting oral health. 

Modern Braces for Efficient and Comprehensive Treatment


Our traditional braces treatment uses hypoallergenic, nickel-free materials that are comfortable, easy to maintain, and more aesthetically appealing than most braces appliances. These mini-twin brackets can sustain adequate pressure to align teeth without causing severe discomfort. Teenagers and adults who want to have a more natural look can opt for tooth-colored wires and brackets. 

Although these are made from different materials, they shift teeth effectively and according to the patients’ needs. Patients can also choose to mix tooth-colored braces with metal ones on their top and bottom arches, balancing esthetics with proven teeth alignment. 

Invisalign® Clear Braces and Invisalign® Teen

Dr. Chun is a preferred Invisalign provider in Newburgh and to Orange County. She has used this braces alternative to give patients beautiful smiles since early 2000. Invisalign clear aligners are removable, discreet, and fully customized to your smile. Patients can remove them for important events, such as weddings or proms, and business meetings. Dr. Chun is proud to provide this treatment to provide freedom and quality of life to her patients. 

Invisalign clear braces must be worn at least 22 hours per day, and patients are responsible to change out their aligners every one to two weeks. Invisalign Teen is designed with younger patients in mind, as the treatment plan includes extra sets of aligners in case they are lost or broken, and a treatment indicator helps parents and Dr. Chun ensure they are wearing them as often as they should. Invisalign Teen aligners accommodate teenagers who have yet to develop their full smile, and treatment is adapted for partially-erupted teeth. 

Committed to Excellent Braces Care

Dr. Chun stands by her care as the best in orthodontics. From simple teeth alignment to severe malocclusion, our practice has the skill and equipment to move teeth into their proper place. The benefits of a straight smile cannot be understated, as straight teeth are not only more appealing but are also easier to clean. Additionally, a proper bite ensures the teeth do not meet unnaturally, which causes friction and accelerated wear. Dr. Chun is well-versed in these treatments and makes sure your smile is as beautiful and healthy as possible. 

Contact Chun Orthodontics in Newburgh 

Our experienced orthodontist wants to help you or your child have a smile they can be proud of. Dr. Chun is passionate about straight teeth and helps patients near her practice and anyone from Wallkill, Montgomery, Cornwall, Marlboro, Washingtonville, New Paltz, and New Windsor and throughout Orange County. Schedule with us today!





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